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Fat Loss Tricks

1. A good fat burning trick is to begin with a breakfast that can help kick-start the fat burning process. Protein rich foods, such as omelets or even a protein shake can be a great start to the day. Although, you should make sure the portion size is kept small as you won’t want to add unnecessary calories to the diet. Eating high protein foods can increase your metabolism by up to 25%, giving a great boost to results over the first few months of any weight loss program. With correct dietary tricks you won’t need to wait until the workout to start burning the fat!
2. Always try to do some form of exercise in the morning, preferably before breakfast. This is usually a good time to do it because the body’s fat burning is set and readily available. Eating breakfast before exercising provides extra blood sugar which will be used during the exercise period over stored fat. If you’re too hungry or your blood sugar is low, then maybe a banana would be a good choice as its light in calories and will give just a little sugar to help push you through the exercise session. If morning exercise is out of the question, then try for mid-afternoon.
3. Eat within half hour after exercising. Exercise causes the enzymes that process nutrients to be highly active, thus eating at this stage makes sure all nutrition and energy is utilized for recovery and replenishment purposes and less likely to be stored as fat you’ve just burnt off! This is also a great time to eat your highest calorie meal of the day.
4. Try not to eat late at night. Our metabolism slows down towards bedtime, so eating late means any calories have a greater chance for storage as fat. If you must eat, just snack on fruit or something just as light.
5. If you would like a supplement to boost your fat burning potential then think about taking L-Carnitine. This is an amino acid in protein, especially red meat. It has been shown to push fat into the cells and prompts it to be burned as fuel. Many competitive bodybuilders use L-Carnitine when cutting up for a show. The supplement is also safe to use by anyone and does not have any side effects. Just follow the directions in the instructions.
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